A woman gets her horse away from the California wildfires in the back of her Honda Accord

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Lauren Mesaros needed to evacuate her home in Northern California, but her trailer could only hold two out of her three horses.

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The nurse put her problem-solving skills to good use, and corralled her pony, Stardust, into the most unlikely vehicle: her 2001 Honda Accord.

With the help of a friend whom she calls a “horse whisperer,” Mesaros was able to get the animal inside the car with hardly a blink of an eye: “He actually walked right into the car like a dog would,” Mesaros told SF Gate.

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The horses are now safe, having been taken to nearby ranch in Sebastopol, and luckily, Mesaros’ property was largely spared.

“My car will never smell the same again,” Mesaros said.

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