After a crazy week when several celebrities’ dogs went missing, Mel B can now rest easy

Instagram/Mel B

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

First Lucky, then Scary.

A few days after Lucky Whitehead’s dog was returned from a crazy ransom situation, former Spice Girl and “America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B announced on Instagram that her beloved puppies had gone missing.

But now Mel B can breathe a bit easier: her French bull dog puppies are back home.

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The British star’s pups had disappeared from her home earlier this week. She reported them missing on Instagram.


In the video, Brown’s daughter can be seen training the dogs.

Thankfully, in the near-blink of an eye, the dogs were returned. No one knows exactly how they got out, but a commenter on the Insta post summed up the situation like this:

“They’ve been found and returned! My boyfriend’s mom found them lost and wandering while she was driving home last night, one I think got stuck in a bush.”

“No one was stopping to help them but she couldn’t just leave them there. They were bathed, fed, walked, hugged, kissed, loved, and cuddled! They’re very well-behaved puppies and so adorable!”

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Maybe Mel B’s daughter has a career in dog-training after all.

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