An Oregon farm has a zebra among its menagerie

Amid the sheep, goats, llamas and Great Pyrenees guard dogs on a farm west of Lebanon, Oregon is a certain black and white animal that usually belongs in a zoo.

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It’s Zinfandel, a 10-year-old zebra, owned by Norman and Rosalinda Vizina.

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The Vizinas purchased the zebra on a bet years ago, and have raised her since she was 10 days old. Rosalinda even remembers the zebra sitting in her lap as she bottle-fed the animal.

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To say the family is attached to the zebra is one thing; to say the zebra, all 550 pounds of her, is attached to the farm animals is quite another.

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“She guards the goats,” Norman Vizina said. “She’s extremely protective of them.”

Vizina said that zebras will “kick, bite and ram anything that threatens them or the animals they are protecting.”

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