Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Owns an Adorable Donkey and Miniature Horse

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Arnold Schwarzenegger may front like a badass, but this softie is just like the rest of us. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the former governor of California was also turning to the comfort of his cuddly pets. Of course, for Schwarzenegger, that’s means a little more than simply lounging on the couch with a cat. The Terminator actor has a pet donkey and miniature pony. Their names are Lulu and Whiskey, and they are adorable. And the kicker? They get to be inside!

Schwarzenegger in Lockdown

The 72-year-old Hollywood legend is in an at-risk bracket (65+) so he’s been taking social distancing seriously. That means that when came time to self-isolate, he needed a seriously dependable pod. In addition to his dear dog Cherry, Schwarzenegger brought his pet donkey and mini-horse inside to hunker down. It’s truly a modern family: the bodybuilder, a pony, a donkey, and a dog all chilling in their Los Angeles mansion. Schwarzenegger’s social media pics documenting the past year are so cute that it’s hard to imagine the actor misses public gatherings. Check out the sensational, trending content below.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger’s enchanting self-isolation set-up has not kept him from the frontlines of virtual activism. The former politician, still a formidable public figure, released a PSA in the wake of the Capitol riot last month.

Arnold and the Gang on ”Jimmy Kimmel’

“They roam around the house, they go upstairs, they go downstairs, they’re all over the place,” former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger explained to the delighted late-night host. Thankfully, the unusual pets are (mostly) house-trained.

P.S. Whiskey loves oatmeal cookies!!!

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