Baby Gorilla Goes Viral After Attempting to Take Its First Steps

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Anytime a baby takes its first steps, well, it’s a sight to behold. When that baby is a gorilla and receives help from its mother, that’s just adorable!

Such an event has gone viral lately, with baby Bruno slowly but surely climbing to his feet at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas. His mother, Gracie, can be seen lending a helping hand.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Just like most of us, Bruno struggles a bit at first. He climbs and clutches then returns to the sitting position for a moment. But finally, while leaning on his mom, he seems to get to his feet — and stay there.

Go, Bruno, Go!

“Are you seeing what we’re seeing? Baby Bruno is standing (with help from Mom),” a zoo spokesperson stated. “You’ll notice him squirming around a lot more these days, reaching out or crawling on his mom when she’s trying to nap.”

Bruno made some history before that, though. Born in early November, he is just the second Western Lowlands gorilla ever born at the Forth Worth Zoo.

His father, Elmo, weighs 420 pounds. Bruno also has an older brother, Gus, who’s 7-years-old. All are together at the zoo. You gotta love seeing videos like this, it just makes your day a little bit better! You don’t think about this really, I mean, gorillas have so many characteristics similar to us!

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