Zoo Miami Shares Picture of Adorable Clouded Leopard Kittens

Cuteness alert! If you thought you had seen all the cute pictures and videos of animals you could possibly see, then feast your eyes on this one. A picture of clouded leopard kittens is exactly what we need to be looking at while the coronavirus pandemic is all having us glued to our digital devices. Zoo Miami shared this photo of these cute leopard cubs back in February, and I think we can appreciate the innocent wholesomeness more during these difficult times.

Clouded leopards live in natural forest habitats in Southeast Asia such as Taiwan, Malaysia, and Southern China. These adorable guys weigh up to only 30-50 pounds and are an endangered species because of hunting; their attractive pelts are valuable and have ceremonial value in many cultures.

These two endangered clouded leopard kittens at Zoo Miami were checked on by zookeepers, who also gave them their initial vaccines. They reported that the cubs are developing well and that their mother, Serai, is doing great taking care of her young. According to the South Florida zoo’s news release, these leopard cubs, both a male and female, have been secluded with Serai since February to avoid external stresses of the coronavirus pandemic while doing some quality family bonding.

The zoo’s communications director, Ron Magill, wrote while sharing the picture of the clouded leopard kittens, “Amid all of the stressful news that we are all dealing with, I hope that this can bring a smile to some of your faces!”

Well, consider this mission accomplished. Not only are we graced with such an adorable picture, but it’s good to know that Zoo Miami is doing their part in taking extra precautions with this endangered species. It’s a wonderful balance for these trying times and a nice break from the real world and COVID-19. Truly adorable.

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