Cross-Eyed Husky Cruelly Abandoned by Breeder Finds Forever Home Thanks to Viral Post

A sweet, goofy little good girl named Jubilee finally has a family. The Siberian Husky was abandoned by her breeder because the d-bag basically thought, “This one’s weird looking. I can’t sell this living thing for money. To the garbage with it!” Jubilee is crosseyed and, instead of looking majestic and lupine, like most Huskies, she just looks sweet and silly.

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Fortunately, Jubilee wound up at Husky House in New Jersey. The good, Husky loving people there put out the word about Jubilee on Facebook and from there, her story went viral.

Jubille Found His Forever Home

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My name is Jubilee. I’m a 4 year old female husky who has been with Husky House for a long time. I came from a “breeder” who couldn’t sell me because he said I was “weird” looking. Huskies are majestic looking dogs and I don’t know why I don’t look like them.

I wish I was beautiful so someone would want me to be their dog.

I like other dogs, but I don’t like cats. I love people, but I’m a little shy because people mostly laugh at the way I look.

Doesn’t anyone want a funny looking husky? I wish I had a family of my own who could love me even though I’m not pretty.

Apply to adopt Jubilee at

****Please note – Husky House is located in Matawan, NJ and we DO NOT DO LONG DISTANCE ADOPTIONS.

Of course, all it takes is one look at this adorable dog to realize she’s special as can be. So then it’s not surprising that she was adopted soon after the post went viral.

UPDATE – Thanks to everyone who shared Jubilee’s story. She has found her forever home with previous Husky House adopters and joins her new fur-siblings in a wonderful new life!

But Jubilee didn’t just find a happy home. She also paid Husky House’s kindness forward by helping the sanctuary raise over $2,000 thanks to the post that went viral because let’s be honest with ourselves, Jubilee is an adorable, eminently shareable dog. (And you can still donate to Husky House, by the way.)

Congrats Jubilee! And thanks for your good work, Husky House.

This story was originally published on January 20, 2020.

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