Man Heroically Rescues Dog After Leash Gets Caught in Elevator Doors

You know how sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time? Well, this man was definitely in the right place, and it’s now a literal hero. Johnny Mathis was coming home from work in Houston, Texas, and had just parked outside of his apartment complex underground garage. Mathis lives on the ground floor of his apartment so he took the elevator up to the first floor. As soon as he got off he noticed a woman and a small Pomeranian were trying to go up the elevator.

Unfortunately, as seen in the apartment complex security footage, the leash was too long, and as soon as the woman gets inside the elevator, the door shut and left the dog behind. The cute dog is then seen looking around with half of the leash inside.

Mathis notices the pooch and runs to pick him up. He stated his instincts kicked in and quickly tried to remove the dog’s collar as fast as he could. While attempting to save the dog, Mathis said the dog owner could be heard frantically crying inside. When he was able to take off the end of the leash, the hero said he kept banging on the elevator door to let her know the dog was safe, but was afraid that she couldn’t hear him.

Texas Man Rescues Neighbor’s Dog from Elevator Doors

When the owner returned back to the ground floor, the Houston man said that she was so thankful, but was also visibly upset and couldn’t stop crying. As I said, this man was in the right place at the right time and thank God for him. If I was the pet owner, I would dedicate my life to making this man happy. This is the type of person you want whenever things get too complicated because he remained calm as ever.

To those of you on social media who are saying that she could have done something to avoid this horrible incident, mistakes happen. I’m not blaming this woman for something that she didn’t know was going to happen. I don’t really understand why people are bashing on her for “not taking care of a dog.” Have a heart, people.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on December 16, 2019.

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