Dog Sees New Backyard, Gets Super Excited, Immediately Jumps into Pool


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

For a dog the first week in a new home can be a tough adjustment. Whether it’s a dog who has been a family member for years moving into a new place with its people, or a new dog coming home for the first time. It’s not always easy for dogs to figure out a new environment. (Unless they’re like my dog in which case they just walk in, pee on something, and then chill.)

For some dogs — both newly adopted dogs and adult dogs — a new house requires an adjustment period. (To say nothing of a new family.) They have to figure out that it’s a safe place. Laying out their favorite toys and some extra playtime definitely helps. So does dog owners spending an extra amount of time with their dogs. And if the dog is kennel trained that’s a huge bonus. (They have a little dog home within the bigger house! Definitely a good thing to do with a new puppy.)

Some dogs need this. Other dogs? They get freakin’ psyched to see a new place. Christy the West Highland Terrier is one such example. Instead of being intimidated by her new house in Florida on her first day there she just looked outside, saw the pool, and said, “Oh heck yeah this house rules let’s live here forever.”

It was all captured on video and it’s pretty heartwarming.

Yeah this dog settle in real fast. The only thing Christy is ever going to have separation anxiety from is that pool. These owners have it good now. They just have to let the dog out and she’ll get all the exercise she needs. They don’t even need a kong or chew toys. The pool is clearly all Christy cares about. The daily routine of drying Christy off every two hours might get old but otherwise this is a pretty ideal situation. Well that and hopefully Christy doesn’t go potty in the pool. That’s for people only!

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