Hero Dog Saves Helpless Puppy Lost in Wilderness for 40 Hours

A dog named “Puppy” (more on that in a moment) went missing near McCleary, Washington, while out with its owner, Karen James, who was taking a horseback ride on her land with her daughter, who was visiting from Texas.

Before we go into any more details here, allow me a brief moment to note that I am, uh, not a fan of the name “Puppy” for a dog. Not even if the name is a subtle reference to Dirty Dancing and its main character, which would make it only slightly less terrible. A general rule of thumb for naming dogs: would you feel like an ass shouting this name in a dog park? If the answer is yes then get a new name.

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Rescue Dog Saves Dog Trapped in Mud

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Anyway, at some point during the horseback ride Puppy got lost and neither James nor her daughter could find their dog. Worried and thinking quickly, they called the search and rescue non-profit Useless Bay Sanctuary (I have no idea what the hell is going on with the names in this story) for help. Useless Bay Sanctuary then sent over a very much not useless German Shepard named Tino to find Puppy. Presumably, upon Useless Bay’s arrival, some sort of Who’s on First type conversation took place.

“Puppy is lost!”
“Did you hear that Tino? You’re looking for a puppy. We don’t have much time!”
“No no. The dog is fully grown.”
“You said we’re looking for a checks clipboard puppy.”
“Great. Find the puppy, Tino.”
“It’s not a puppy.”
“You know what? I’m pretty over this conversation. It doesn’t actually matter to Tino. Just give me something for him to smell.”

Tino was sent out onto James’ property at 4:30 a.m. to find Puppy and, not long after, Tino found the missing fully grown dog trapped in thick mud and unable to pull itself out. Tino alerted his people to Puppy’s whereabouts and, using ropes, they were able to get Puppy out and bring him home safely after 40 hours of being lost in the wilderness.

Puppy was brought home safely and Tino’s very first rescue mission was a success. James said without Tino they would probably not have been able to find Puppy, because where the dog ended up being found was well off the beaten path.

Animals helping animals. Never not a good story.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on January 25, 2018. 

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