These Adorable Pups Won’t Eat Dinner Unless They Pray With Their Human

The Internet is an easy place to get lost in, and most of the time, it’s frowned upon to be sifting through the chaos that is the World Wide Web for copious amounts of hours at a time. But with all the madness that can be found on there, you’re also likely to find some goldmines; content that is so wholesome, you actually consider the positive sides of using the Internet. For example, imagine finding videos of dogs praying before they eat?

In the sea of funny dog videos, there are even more adorable videos of the cutest doggies saying grace before meals. I’m sure getting your dog to pray and say “Amen!” before diving into their food was a trending activity to do at some point, and if you were lucky, your video goes viral for a little while. But that also goes to say that funny pet videos will always be the funniest types of videos to watch. And who wouldn’t want to capture every waking moment of their cute dogs, whether they are Shih Tzus, pooches, pit bulls, labradors, golden retrievers, bulldogs, or any other dog breed?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dogs Praying Before Eating

What’s great about this is if you’re late to the game in getting your dog to bless its meals before chowing down, there are dog training videos that can help you. Oh, the wonders of the Internet, am I right? Even smart dogs aren’t immune to becoming memes or part of insanely hilarious, but cute of course, dog videos compilations.

How to Teach Your Dog to Say Prayers

And of course, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just funny dogs. Funny cats, funny animals in general, on the Internet deserve some love and attention too. Although I have yet to see videos of other animals praying before their mealtimes. Is that asking too much? Maybe. Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason.

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