Pug Hilariously and Eerily Screams Like Banshee

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The phrase “screaming into the void” was taken to the next level in this video when an owner filmed her dog doing just that in the most eerily human way possible. Ginger, a 4-year-old rescue pug mix, decided to release some tension seemingly pent up from quarantine lockdown in her home in Calgary, Canada, and her scream hilarious sounds like a human shriek.

Ginger’s owner, 41-year-old Whitney Lawson, was in for a surprise when she had adopted her pug from an animal shelter. She said,

“I discovered Ginger made these unusual cries shortly after adopting her and have been trying for years to capture this on video. I usually don’t capture it because I am so shocked when she makes these noises that by the time I get my camera out, she then stops. Last Saturday, she and I were doing the usual cuddle on the couch together, watching a movie, and she jumps off the couch and looking me straight into my eyes starts belting out her banshee cry while I am looking at her. It made for the perfect opportunity for me to capture this on film, so glad I did! She typically makes this banshee-like cry whenever I leave her, she really doesn’t like to be without her mom. She is definitely a momma’s little girl.”

Ginger the Rescue Pug Screams Like Banshee

The video of Ginger has gone pretty viral, already racking up 100,000 views on TikTok, and now, the pair of cuties are doing more on social media to showcase Ginger’s “quirky personality.” Lawson is a facility coordinator and has been more than ecstatic to provide a forever home and forever family for her shrieking pooch. She also mentioned how working from home has helped Ginger adjust to her new home since she used to scream like that whenever Lawson would leave.

This video definitely gets me giggling in disbelief, but it also makes me question why I think it’s funny when the doggo literally sounds like someone’s getting murdered. At least people who commented on the video related to Ginger’s expression of her frustration from being cooped in lockdown, instead of freaking out how creepy it actually sounds. COVID truly must be driving us crazy.

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