Massive Dog Waits Every Morning to Make Sure His Owner’s Tiny Kids Get on the School Bus Safely

Just look at this loyal and adorable pupper protecting his family at all costs. He is definitely taking his role as big brother seriously, and doing it with so much pride and joy. Gordon, who is proof that dogs are man’s best friends, makes sure his tiny humans get where they need to go safely every single day. The pup takes it up a notch and waits by his tiny humans’ side as the school bus comes to pick them up at the bus stop and sits there strong and hard.

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Not only does he wait, but he doesn’t even attempt to move until he sees that both girls have made it onto the bus and the bus driver closes its doors. Then he quickly turns around and gallops his way back into the house reassuring their mom the girls were safe. Mom, Becky Lynn, decided to show the world this wonderful moment through a video, because well, it’s truly adorable.

Gordon Protecting His Tiny Humans

There is Gordon, an English Mastiff, and the tiny humans on a snow-covered lawn, just patiently waiting for the bus to arrive. His massive structure right next to the small girls is just adorable and hilarious. You know this dog will do whatever he needs to do to keep him safe. Seriously, what did we do to deserve dogs? This is the sweetest thing I have seen in a good while.

According to Lynn, Gordon who is two, is “The biggest love, the most gentle soul, our faithful companion & truly our family’s heart dog.” By the look of this video, I can totally see it. There is nothing quite like the loyalty and pure love from a four-legged friend, an unbreakable bond if you think about it. I wonder if he also waits for them after school?

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