In the process of saving her human family, this dog got bitten by a vicious snake

A California dog showed her true colors recently when she saved her human family from getting bitten by a deadly Mojave green rattlesnake.

Nala is a boxer who is fiercely protective of her family, the Lewis family. The mother and her son, Cole, were out for a walk when they encountered the animal.

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“She waited until we were safe. She stood her ground. She didn’t like whimper or anything when she got bit,” Cole Lewis, 10, told ABC 7.

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Cole’s stepdad knew that he had to get Nala to the vet once it became apparent that the dog was bitten on the nose. Thankfully, Nala will be OK.

“She saved my life, and I just want to hang out with her now because she’s my hero,” Cole said.

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But the family is now facing hefty medical bills for Nala’s recovery — about $4,000 — so they’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help defray costs.

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