It’s still a bit early for Fiona the hippo to make her public debut

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Fiona the hippo was born six weeks early, so there’s been a bit of a delay in her public debut.

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Zookeepers at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden are being especially careful, given the hippo’s history. Born at just 29 pounds, they felt she needed to be observed more closely than normal.

“Introductions to her parents are going well, but we have to take things slowly because of Fiona’s size,” said Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo. “Bibi and Henry each weigh more than 3,000 pounds, and Fiona is at about 275 today.  She’s a tough little hippo, but she needs to be able to handle an accidental flick of the head from the adults.”

But, recent pictures and videos of Fiona chasing bubbles and scampering in the adult pool, show that the hippo is making strides.

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And, before you know it, she’ll be drawing oohs and ahhs from visitors in the flesh.

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