Mailman Casually Runs Into Ax-Wielding Dog On Mail Route

Some find this adorable, while others find this terrifying. And to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what I would do if I saw this on my mail route today. Tim Smith, a Kentucky mailman, witnessed what could potentially be a nightmare for mail carriers to experience while delivering packages: an ax-wielding dog.

Smith, a USPS rural mail carrier in Williamsburg, a couple of hours away from Lexington, took some pictures of a dark hound intensely staring him down during his mail route, gazing directly into Smith’s camera. Another dog next to the hound is also intensely staring at Smith as he calmly continues about his route after taking the pictures. That begs to offer the question, is the ax-wielding dog’s bark worse than its bite? I’m not sure if anyone truly wants to find out.

Mail Carrier Sees Ax-Wielding Dog On Mail Route

Smith shared the pics on social media, writing in a Facebook post, “There’s a lot of reasons why your mailman might not deliver your packages, and this is one of them. I can handle a dog, but not a dog with an axe.”

But nevertheless, this “ax-dog” became popular with the Facebook post getting nearly 20k comments and over 300k shares. People have become intrigued by the complex feelings they get from seeing a dog wield an ax with its mouth. The comments went back and forth between how some found themselves panicking at the thought of running into such a sight, while others found it endearing that maybe this hound is really owning being a guard dog.

Smith told WKYT that the dog is actually pretty friendly and that he sees the dog normally carrying sticks instead of axes. So it probably wasn’t as alarming to him initially as it was to others who had never encountered the dog before. Maybe this dog was just being the best guard dog he could be, standing as a warning to social distance because of COVID.

I personally believe that maybe that ax-wielding dog really wanted to make sure that everyone stays at least six feet away. Shoot, I would definitely learn my lesson in keeping my distance because of the coronavirus if I saw a dog standing in my way with an ax. At least this doggo just wanted to probably warn those against crossing his path.

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