Man Found Dead Along With Alligator and 60 Venomous Snakes Inside His Home

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A western Pennsylvania man who kept multiple reptiles in his home paid a high price for it. Namely, his life.

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Police responded to a 911 call about an unresponsive individual in Aliquippa, Pa., where they discovered the man, deceased, and more than 150 reptiles.

The man, 23, may or may not have been a victim of one of the poisonous snakes that were among the critters he kept. Right now, the cause of death has not been officially determined.

A 3-year-year old girl was also in the house, police said, but not harmed.

“There was a cobra in there, a rattlesnake in there, black mambas,” said Jim Bologna, a code enforcement officer, via CBS News.

Along with the snakes, there was also an alligator in the house. The toddler was found in a high chair near the cobra.

150 Reptiles Found

Along with the man and toddler (and snakes), two other adults lived in the house, and all had moved in recently. They were said to be selling the reptiles.

“These folks have a business they run,” Bologna said. “They sell reptiles, venomous and non-venomous. They just moved here, last two months or so.”

The survivors were allowed to stay in the home, which they are renting. But the reptiles were moved to an exotic pet store nearby.

“Nobody should have that many poisonous snakes anywhere,” Aliquippa resident Valerie McDermott said, via CBS. “They should be destroyed.”

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