Deaf Great Dane Delivers Pizza by Reading Sign Language

The Great Dane is a majestic dog breed, hence its physical stature and name. And since it looks exactly like what its name illustrates, one can assume that the Great Dane can perform great tasks. Or maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but I consider delivering pizza a job with great responsibility for special guys only. And Max the Great Dane proved that he could take on the task.

Max was a beautiful, white-and-gray Great Dane, but that’s not all that was great about him. Max was special because he was also a deaf Great Dane. He was also incredibly smart. Because this adorably, the smart guy was hearing-impaired, his owners taught and trained him with sign language. In fact, Max can read facial expressions and lip movements!

Max’s owners even taught him how to deliver pizza! Remember how I just said that Great Danes are made for great tasks? This video shows how smoothly the deaf Great Dane delivers pizza. Looking intently at his owner, this canine pizza delivery guy obediently delivers a box of Freschetta Pizza to the Casa Bella Estate in Florida.

Max knew what to pick up, where to go, and where to deliver by reading the signs from and facial expressions of his owner. If we could teach more of man’s best friends to do this, then it would keep our pizza delivery guys safer during these times! With everyone’s social distancing because of the coronavirus, ordering food and groceries has skyrocketed, putting delivery workers more at risk. Maybe if we had more animals working like Max, transactions would be safer.

As much as we wish that Max could start a new revolution for that concept, he, unfortunately, passed away back in Spring 2018. His legacy is found on social media, with a Facebook page and Youtube channel following his adventures with the other Great Dane in the family, Katie. She also passed away 6 weeks within Max, and together, these two probably have the world’s largest collection of funny Great Dane videos.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on May 29, 2020.

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