Nobody knows why there are so many pigs running loose in this Tennessee town

(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

It’s been a busy summer for authorities in Athens, Tennessee.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

That’s because the quiet town has been rocked by a super-weird mystery: Why are there so many pigs on the loose?

No one really knows why the feral pigs are roaming at will. But, the town folk want the absurdity to stop, because the pigs are tearing apart their properties.

“He dug up around my lilac there, he dug up over here, he dug up in the back by a stump that I hadn’t had time to clean yet,” said one homeowner.

Now the goal is to capture these wayward pigs before things really get stinky.

But, how to do they go about that?

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“I’m having people send me posts on how to catch pigs. One of them was an African tribe carrying monkeys around, throwing the monkeys. The monkeys were riding the pigs’ backs until they get tired,” said resident Larry Eaton.

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