One facility came up with a very inventive way to help their chubby tigers lose weight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Siberian tigers in China’s Heilongjiang Province all seem to have a bit of a weight issue. However, that might not always be a problem as the facility where the tigers live recently invented a new way to help their tigers shed some pounds. They launched a drone into the air and, since tigers are just big cats, the feisty felines couldn’t help but chase the thing.

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Their playday ended when one of fat cats snatched the drone from the air and tried to chew on it. However, since it was a drone and not an eagle, the machine soon started smoking and scared the striped felines away.

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Unfortunately, the video of these cute guys that has gone viral might not have the happiest ending. The Australian Broadcasting Company reported that the facility is more of a “tiger farm” than a zoo. A representative from an animal protection agency stated that “these facilities breed tigers for tourist entertainment while they’re alive, and their parts are reportedly used for luxury and medicinal products.”

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