Adorable Dog Hilariously Interrupts Meteorologist During At-Home Weather Report

As we’re still in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, which seems never-ending, several people are still being required to work from home for their safety. Companies have relied on Zoom, FaceTime, and other video programs to showcase their work and stay in contact with their coworkers despite social distancing rules.

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This is the same case for those who work on the news. You know what they say, the news never sleeps and sometimes you have to do what you have to do to give that weather report during lockdown. Like Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto, who welcome a very unexpected but adorable guest during his weather forecast segment.

Who was this guest you might ask? It was none other than his golden retriever Brody, after he interrupted the weather forecast and stole the entire show. He had a very important message to share with Florida that day. I can relate to this on so many levels. Now that I’ve been working from home, my cat has been demanding my attention 24/7. So, it was no surprise for Dellegatto, who works for Fox 13 News in Tampa Bay Florida, when he saw his puppy really trying to get his attention.

Meet Brody: Florida’s New Weatherman

You can see the adorable Golden Retriever as he wacks the computer with his head, freezing the weather map and causing the graphics to stop working. Being the professional man he is, he keeps on going with this segment but you can see the dog is not satisfied with the attention he’s receiving, hopping onto his lap as the weatherman precedes to do his job. That’s when Brody decides to get close to the camera and shows what a good boy he really is. The dog even gives a big yawn for the audience as the news reporter says, “I didn’t mean to keep you up.” Oh to be a dog and live the life that they lived a lie.

But, he wasn’t finished there, just as the dog decides to hop back down and as we think that the meteorologist can get back to business, Brodie notices cameraman Craig out on the window on the porch. That’s when Brody goes crazy trying to figure out who Craig is, as he is concealed behind a blanket that they had been using the lighting. All I can say about the situation is that I’m going to be watching The Weather Channel way much more. Especially is this is how the live segments will be from now on. Forget about the weather, just show me those cute puppies and cats that we are all craving. I give this boy 10/10 stars for his performance, give him an Emmy Award ASAP.

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