Woman, 73, Killed a Cobra with Shovel After Finding it on Her Patio

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Boy, it must scary to live in a part of the world that has cobras — Africa, the Middle East, or Asia. Or, apparently, Pennsylvania. A Falls, Pennsylvania woman got to experience Indiana Jones’s worst nightmare without ever having to leave her property when she walked outside and was surprised with a big ass cobra on her porch, ready to strike her.

It’s a miracle 73-year-old Kathy Kehoe wasn’t bitten simply because she was so dumbfounded there was a damn cobra in Amish country that she couldn’t think of what else to do other than stand there and gawk. Kehoe did manage, like any good modern American, to snap some pictures of the imminent danger before taking the action necessary to keep herself and others safe.

Kehoe said she was alerted to the fact that something was amiss because the blue jays in her yard were squawking at something. It was then that she looked outside and saw a four to five-foot long snake. She noticed a marking on its head commonly associated with cobras and nudged its tail. Then the cobra popped up and spread its hood, letting Kehoe know the nightmare was real. Kehoe scurried back inside, snapped some pics of the cobra, and then went back outside and ended the bastard with a shovel, like a boss.

This was an impressive display from Kehoe. Most of us, regardless of generation or gender, would’ve sat inside, called animal control, and watched from behind eight barriers as the big, brave city workers got rid of the scary snake for us. (Our cavemen ancestors would be so disgusted with us.)

The apartment complex Kehoe lives at is the same one Fall authorities recently removed 20 other venomous snakes from in a different apartment unit. Though they can’t confirm that this cobra came from the same apartment yeah it came from the same apartment. That’s finding a crocodile and fifty piranhas in some dude’s apartment and then wondering a week later whose fault it is that a pissed off hippo is in the complex’s swimming pool.

This story was originally published June 25, 2019.


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