Puppies Rule the Trending Toilet Paper Challenge

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When the reality of the coronavirus finally set in, the U.S. responded in the best way- toilet paper. Wait, what?!

Americans started to raid groceries and department stores to not buy food to stock up on or toiletries to last them a while, but toilet paper. Suddenly your local convenience store had no toilet paper rolls, and this was a quickly seen nationwide phenomenon. But I’m not here to talk about the top all-time dumbest reactions to pandemics. I’m here to shed light on the fact that the toilet paper that was rightfully yours may not have been bought completely in vain.

If you don’t follow any doggy instagrams, then you’re missing out on the actual great content there. You don’t even have to be a religious dog lover, although you might be a little crazy if you don’t love cute puppies. One Instagram account in particular, @3bulldogges, took on the trending #toiletpaperchallenge, and you can’t tell me that you would still be pissed about having to drive to few stores to find toilet paper after seeing this.

The toilet paper challenge is a harmless trending challenge in response to the sold out toilet paper issue. Everyone has been making videos of themselves playing with their toilet paper rolls, such as a soccer player bouncing the roll like a soccer ball or a hockey player bouncing the roll on a hockey stick like a puck. However, the best toilet paper challenge videos are the ones with animals jumping over rows of stacked toilet paper.

These specific pooches (all bulldogs) were filmed by their dog owner as they ran and jumped over a row of lined up toilet paper, adding a new row after completing each round for the first time.

Now, are you still mad at the lack of toilet paper in stores? I won’t speak for you, but come on. Cute puppies for the win.

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