Puppy Miraculously Survives 30-Mile Car Ride in Engine Compartment


After hearing whimpering in a parking lot, Kansas City-based reporter Carrie Gillaspie helped rescue a small dog trapped inside a car engine. Car owner Ashley Newman unknowingly traveled 30 miles with the dog inside the hood of her car, but it thankfully only suffered minimal injuries. The trip reportedly spanned states, with the pooch traveling from Kansas to Missouri in the engine. Gillaspie posted a video to TikTok detailing the nerve-wracking event.

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After Gillaspie heard the cries of an animal in a parking lot, she walked over to Newman’s car. Newman, who was also confused by the whimpering sound, reportedly took the time “to unlock the car, pop the hood. We look for a few seconds and, sure enough, there are two little eyeballs just looking up at us.” 

Dog Rescued From Car Engine by Reporter

The small dog, named BonBon, looked excited to be rescued. According to Gillaspie, “She looked so happy to see us, but we still had no idea way to get her out.” Gillaspie and Newman are both employees of the Kansas City Royals, and they enlisted the help of their other coworkers to safely rescue the pup.

Lead mechanical technician for the Royals, Dennis Miller, was there that day and helped get the adorable dog out of the car engine. Regarding the matter, he said, “We were able to take the under trim off and get her free. It was huge relief. I have a dog of my own. I was thinking how I would feel if she went missing.”

BonBon is safe and sound now, but may need to have her tail amputated and may also have to undergo toy surgery. Following the rescue, BonBon was taken to the Kansas City Pet Project, but Newman found a Facebook post made by Bon Bon’s owners detailing the search for their missing pet. Thankfully, Bon Bon and her 18-year-old owner Thatiana Chavez have been reunited. On the reunion, Newman said, “I scrolled a little bit and there was that picture with the owners looking for a couple of days. I reached out to the owner. She was emotional but very grateful. The little puppy is back home with mom.”

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