Adorable Rescued Fox Discovers How To Use a Trampoline

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some of the more preciously innocent moments in life involve animals, especially rescued ones. And videos of them finally enjoying a life they deserve to live are gems that should never be hidden. Take this beautiful wild fox in Minnesota named Jagger.

Jagger is a rescued wild fox at the U.S. SaveAFox Rescue in the city of Lakeville, in central Minnesota. He was believed to have been rescued from Nebraska, initially named the Nebraska Fox. The Minnesota sanctuary’s founder, Mikayla Raines, filmed the cutest video of him realizing how to use a trampoline.

Jagger The Fox Bounces On Trampoline

Raines explained how she used squeaky toys to teach some of the rescued foxes how to jump on the trampoline for the first time and how she also had led by example by jumping on it herself. Soon, the foxes realized how much fun it was and started jumping on their own. Raines put a chair by the trampoline so that they could easily get on, but foxes are known scaling buildings and trees meaning they could probably jump up on their own.

The SaveAFox Rescue is the largest fox rescue in the United States and believes that foxes, “need love to thrive.” The foxes are allowed to roam the grounds if they are wild, but many of them are actually rescued from fur farms. Raines explained, “WE rescued foxes from many different situations. We rescue sick, injured, and orphaned foxes from fur farms. Ones that the farmers believe would not make it. We take in surrendered foxes that were once pets and originally came from breeders. We also take in and rescue found pet foxes. I do not breed my foxes. I only rescue them to take care of any health issues, spay, or neuter and find them good homes.”

Welcome to SaveAFox

The video of Jagger has been shared on Good Morning America (GMA), ABC News, and more. Raines has shared pictures of her cuddling up to Jagger on Instagram, captioning it, “Precious moments with Jagger (aka Nebraska) last night and this morning.”

Raines And Jagger

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