Rescued Pup Left in Hot Car with Mouth Taped Shut Is Enjoying New Forever Home


Although Dutchess’s fate initially seemed quite uncertain, the adorable Siberian husky with a heartbreaking past has finally found a loving home! In July of last year, The Animal Foundation, a Nevada animal shelter, reported that a three-month-old puppy named Dutchess had been found locked inside a car on the top floor of a Las Vegas parking garage.

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Dutchess’s mouth had tragically been sealed shut with electrical tape, with outdoor temperature having climbed to a brutal 113 degrees Fahrenheit by the time police arrived. The pup had been left without food, water, or air conditioning for over two hours. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police rescued the puppy through the car’s sunroof and quickly charged the owner, who was gambling in the casino at the time.

Dutchess Finds a Home!

Despite the traumatic experience, the animal shelter was able to secure a stable and loving home for the pup the following month. Six months after being adopted, the shelter provided an update, confirming that Dutchess is still thriving in her new home with his loving family who has two children and several other furry companions for her to play with.

“She lives with a wonderful family who adores her,” the organization said on their Instagram on Thursday. “She sneaks into the children’s beds and enjoys hanging out with her new fur siblings.”

“She’s also quite the traveler, making her way all over Nevada, California, and Arizona, never missing a chance to play in the snow,” they added. “Talk about a good life.”

The shelter went on to share images of her happy life in her new home, showcasing beautiful moments as she spends time with her humans, cats and a fellow dog friend.

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