See the extraordinary feline that has nine lives and two faces!

There are rare cats, and then there is Quimera.

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The cat, which has two distinctly different-looking faces, is tearing up the Internet with her not-to-be-believed visage.

And while her name is a play on the word “chimera,” scientists are dubious as to whether the cat can be classified as such an anomaly.

“A chimera … is a composite individual that was made up of cells from at least two different original embryos,” Columbia University professor of genetics and development Virginia Papaioannou told the New Republic. “If they fuse together early enough, they will become a single organism whose genetic input is from two completely different individuals. In a mosaic, there’s only one individual and it just happens to have different genetic components active in its cells. A chimera would be a much more unusual and unlikely event.”

Dissenters think Quimera may just be a rather striking-looking calico cat.

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While the jury is still out about the cat’s genetic makeup, one thing’s for sure: She has drummed up quite the social-media following. On Instagram alone, the feline has more than 35,000 followers.

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