See the huge record-setting snake that was removed from the Everglades

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Invasive pythons are part of the environment in South Florida’s Everglades.

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But that doesn’t mean authorities should stand by and let the reptile take over the eco-system.

Since March of this year, more than 600 such snakes have been removed from the water, but the snake dispatched this week is wowing even seasoned water management vets.

That’s because it clocked in at 16 feet, 11 inches and weighed 122 pounds!

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Dusty Crum set the record–breaking his very own–for largest snake wrangled, as part of the South Florida Water Management District’s Python Elimination Program in the Everglades.

And, the Burmese python didn’t go down easy.

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“It was an unbelievable match,” Crum told WFLA. “I’ve never been tested like that before. We’re taking them out of the Glades one snake at a time. It won’t hurt any more of our natives.”

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