This Hedgehog Realized He Couldn’t Quit Carbs

A perfect buttery croissant is one of life’s biggest treats. But, not if you’re trapped in it- like what this huge pastry did to a poor baby hedgehog.

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In this adorable funny video, the cute little critter seems okay, waking up from a sweet nap, and maybe even enjoying the carb loading if he wasn’t already dreaming about it. However, as it’s comfortably snuggled up, it realizes that there’s no escape from the croissant pillow that it happen to get itself stuck in.

As the grumpy hedgehog tries to stand up, the croissant seems to close against him, and his little legs are seen trying pull his whole weight out of the little croissant pillow hole. Finally, human intervention is summoned, and the pet hedgehog is released from the pastry prison.

Watch this cute hedgehog get stuck in a croissant pillow below:

I do feel bad for the little guy. The cuteness overload in this video is just too much, and even if it was struggling, I hate that I would probably let it struggle more for the funniest entertainment. Is that cruel of me? Maybe. But everyone knows that hedgehogs are some of the cutest animals out there. You can’t deny that you get caught scrolling the middle of the night through adorable hedgehog pictures that will make you want one.

And even with Halloween coming up, you know that hedgehogs are good for more than just being your little best friend or just for cuddles. Dressing them up in anything, even cute little party hats, will having you cooing and saying, “aww,” at how incredibly adorable these little hedgies are.

And did you know that February 2nd, which is already Groundhog Day, is actually Happy Hedgehog Day too? The memes are endless when it comes to these little guys, and I really hope this isn’t stressing them out more in an unhealthy way. There are so many trending animal pics and vids of cute hedgehogs, it’s almost endless. So I know this isn’t the first time you’ve seen adorable hedgehogs.

I could probably scroll through hedgehog content every day to be honest.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on September 29, 2017.

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