The CIA tweets the story of a rejected bomb-sniffing puppy, and we can’t deal


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A bomb-sniffing dog with no interest in sniffing for bombs has been let go from the force and the internet is falling in love with her. Meet Lulu:

The agency wrote posted an image of the pup with the caption, “she was clearly no longer enjoying herself.” In the photo, Lulu looks forlornly at the camera and we’re pretty sure she’s thinking something along the lines of “I’m over this.”

A few more posts from the agency chronicled Lulu’s decline into just being a regular puppy again, which is all we can ever expect of our dogs.

Thankfully, Lulu wasn’t abandoned because she wasn’t willing to sniff for things that might just blow her into kibbles and bits — her handler adopted her.

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Now she spends her lays laying around, playing with her handler’s children and sniffing for squirrels, which are usually far less explosive than bombs. The agency says that they’ll miss the very good girl, but she’s definitely got the better end of the deal. Instead of working, Lulu is now in early retirement and her days of learning to dig up dynamite aren’t to be missed.

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