The latest yoga trend involves yoga with kids, the four-legged kind.

Back in April, at a certain farm in New Hampshire, people were willing to wait months just to do yoga with goats. Now, it may be the newest, hottest and cutest trend to come to yoga since paddleboard yoga.

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In the Nottingham studio in New Hampshire, there was a 350-person waiting list just a week into their goat yoga classes. Yogis would participate in normal yoga classes, except the room would have baby goats running around, jumping onto the yogis’ backs and cuddling up with them during meditation.

Since news of the yoga classes first broke, goat yoga classes have sprung up all over the country. There have been classes in Massachusetts, Texas and Wisconsin.

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“They remind you to ground (yourself) through your feet every time they step on your toes,” said Megan MacCarthy, a yoga instructor for the class held at Oak Hollow Acres in Burlington, Wis. “Goat yoga is really relaxing, so we thought it would be a really good thing to add to the farm.”

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