There’s camouflage, and then there’s serval cat camouflage. See if you can spot the cat in this photo

The serval cats of Africa are a cagey bunch — and on purpose.

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The cats, who prey on unsuspecting animals thanks to their camouflaged features, are notoriously hard to nail down and/or spot.

Even wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach had a hard time seeing the cat from the brush in Kenya’s Masai Mara — and he’s the one who was there taking the pictures!

“My guide John more or less described each blade of grass before I finally saw the serval,” Gerlach admitted to The Daily Mail.

Gerlach is familiar with the area, but has never captured a serval cat on photograph before. Nearby this scene, he also spotted a leopard in a tree.

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See if you can spot this cat. It may be hard to find, but it is definitely somewhere in this picture. Here’s a larger image to help:

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