These New York cats are living the high life after getting $300k from their owner’s will

A Bronx woman named Ellen Frey-Wouters recently died and left her cats, Tiger and Troy, $300,000.

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The money will go toward the care of the felines, and to make sure they never “have to live in cages.”

The woman was discouraged from leaving the large sum to the cats by her attorney to no avail. Tiger is especially one lucky cat, having been a rescue that Frey-Wouters found in Florida.

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While the cats’ lives won’t likely change — they will still dine on filet-mignon-flavored Fancy Feast and sleep in a plush faux-fur bed with silk lining — a caretaker says they earned the windfall.

“He deserves it,” said Dahlia Grizzle, the former home health aide to Frey-Wouters, and now Tiger’s caretaker. “He’s a wonderful cat.”

While Grizzle is now caring for Tiger, Troy will now live with another of her former home health aides, Rita Pohila.

The rest of Frey-Wouters’ $3 million estate was split between her lawyer, her home health aides and her charities. If the cats die before the fund is completely used, the remaining balance will go to her only living relative, a sister who is currently living in the Netherlands.

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