This dog adorably shames his owner when he’s left home alone too for long

Poor Samson the dog was all by his lonesome, left home by his owners for too long.

But in this cute video, the canine shows his Mom who’s boss when she arrives home. The brown, furry fellow sits motionless by the front door as she approaches.

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“I’m sorry, I’m sorry we were gone so long,” she says, as Samson glares at her.

“I can see by the look on your face that you’re not even happy to see me,” she continues, at which point the dog’s gaze shifts downward.

“I’m really sorry,” she says, dropping her pitch into near-pathetic-sounding range.

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At which point Samson has had enough. He gets up and goes to her, and all is forgiven.

This is one good dog.

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