This huge snake just had one huge meal, and the footage is extremely gross

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Rescue crews were called out to take down the massive python, found curled around a concrete pipe near a child day-care center in Thailand. Little did they know that the snake had just swallowed a large cat.

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In this video, the snake wranglers try to massage the animal out of the snake. They find success, but alas, the cat had expired.

Warning: This video contains graphic footage.


The snake had eaten the cat about three days before, according to a Daily Mail account. It takes approximately 10 days to fully digest an animal of this size.

“Oh my god, this was so scary. I didn’t want to get too close while I was filming it,” a rescue worker said.

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The snake was returned to the wild after the workers helped it expel the cat.

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