This rescued mini-donkey was carrying a big secret

An abandoned miniature donkey, rescued from a Pennsylvania farm, surprised everyone this week when it was discovered that she was pregnant.

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Sadie, along with a male mini-donkey called Romeo, were taken in from a farm in January; on Sunday, Sadie gave birth to a male foal.

Along with the donkeys, a cow, two beagles, chickens and roosters were also rescued, according to The Associated Press.

Sadly, the new baby has health complications related to Sadie’s treatment on the farm, where she was malnourished.

However, workers at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are holding a naming contest to raise money for the foal’s medical care. For $5, you can cast a vote and be entered for a chance to meet the baby and Sadie.

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The name choices include Lil’ Sebastian, Georgie, Van, J.R. and Lucky.

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