She Got Way Too Close to a Wolf. No One Could’ve Predicted It’d Do This to Her

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Not many people would walk up to a wild predator, kneel down and stroke its fur. But, it turns out, this woman isn’t just any woman: she’s Kekoa the wolf’s caretaker at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

Watch the two spend some time together in the white, crisp snow. We just love when Kekoa gives her some sweet kisses on her face. They really seem bonded to each other, just like you are with your puppy.

Kekoa is a Hawaiian name meaning “Brave One”. He is a timber wolf weighing over 100 pounds. When he puts his paws on a person’s shoulders he stands over seven feet tall. Kekoa is originally from the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida and came to Colorado with his sister Sakara.

Animal trainers are taught to connect with wolves through play, trust, companionship and love. The training also allows animal care staff and veterinarians to do their jobs more safely and easily through the willing participation of the animals. The organization works to educate the public about wolves, coyotes and foxes.For various reasons, the animals in the park are not able to live in the wild, and are therefore given this sanctuary.

Timber wolves, also known as grey wolves, are an endangered species in the lower 48.  Many survive in  Alaska, Canada and Asia.

Who knew wolves could be so gentle? But here’s the obligatory warning: don’t try this yourself. This woman is considered to be a member of Kekoa’s pack and you’re not.

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