These genius dogs got together to complete an impressive task

A tire was submerged under a few feet of water in a pool, but that didn’t stop these two bulldogs from working tirelessly to retrieve it. It’s a lot of fun to watch.  It makes you wonder if two small children would be able to cooperate this well.

There is a lot of proof that dogs are smart animals, and that they can be trained to do amazing things. This fun video shows that they have great problem-solving skills and that they can work together to get what they want. The remarkable thing about this is that it appears that the two dogs are communicating with each other and are united in pursuit of their mutual goal. Or are they just showing off for the camera, trying to become Internet stars?

American bulldogs Bandit and Shiva want to play with their tire but for some reason it’s at the bottom of the pool. The two pups figure out how to team up and work it out.

Dog number one plunges into the pool while dog number two waits patiently on the side. The lead dog manages to grab the tire and passes it to his helper.

The pup in the pool then sprints out of the water to help complete the difficult task. Mission accomplished! Soon mom and dad will come back and throw the tire back in the pool so they can do it again.

What do you think?

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