Walmart Greeter Not So Kind to Young Deer Trying To Go Shopping

The deer was not asked what it was doing in the store before being detained…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

All are welcome at Walmart, that is unless you’re a form of wildlife. And if you are, you’d be wise to stay away.

One Walmart greeter proved this to be true. The unnamed woman showed off the type of skills that would make a rodeo cowboy jealous. The associate was caught on video wrangling a deer who dared to roam into the store.

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The incident took place in Baraboo, Wisconsin. At first, the fearless Walmart worker pinned the animal to the ground. Then, as the deer tried to return to the shopping aisle, the employee was able to restrain it until co-workers opened up a back exit.

Currently, there is no word on if she received a raise or (at least) was named Employee of the Month. If nothing else this is a great story and maybe a line for the resume.

As for the deer, it was sent back into the wilderness and if it can read this the deer feed (available at Walmart for $12.99) is still available. In the end, everyone won and everyone was unharmed.

Let’s just all be thankful it wasn’t a bear, skunk or badger.

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