Wild Video Shows Polar Bears Feast On A Dead Whale Carcass

When polar bears are hungry, well, you best not be dead. Or really large. If so, they just might have a whale of a time.

The carcass of one whale in Alaska proved to be evidence of this and was captured on video. The video is actually a few years old and part of a BBC documentary, but it’s making its way online again. The polar bears basically saw the whale and had themselves a feast. So yeah, we can see why it’s viral again.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This isn’t surprising. While polar bears will hunt anything they can, they aren’t above scavenging. Dead or alive, they’re happy to eat you.

Still, this is so wild to see. You don’t think about it, the nature of animals trying to stay alive and finding something to eat. Talk about the circle of life, still, this is terrifying. You definitely don’t want to stand in their way if you see this in person. Which if you do see it in person, you’re an insane person because this is really dangerous. Imagine just having a stroll on the beach and then out of nowhere you see a polar bear (who might I add is really cute) just charging at you. Yeah, no thank you. staying away. 

Polar Bears Feats on Whale

Polar bears live near the Arctic coastlines and will eat just about anything — fish, seals, and yes, whales, among other items of the sea.

Males can weigh up to 1,400 pounds, so it’s fairly easy for them to overpower their generally smaller prey. Same goes for females, though they generally don’t weigh even half as much as the males. It’s usually closer to 500-600 pounds.

At any rate, whale blubber is considered an important energy source for polar bears. And a single whale can provide enough food for hundreds of them.

So clearly, these polar bears were livin’ large.

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