Wild Video Shows Scientist Nearly Diving Into Tiger Shark’s Mouth

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One way to make sure a tiger shark doesn’t go hungry is to jump into its mouth. It saves the shark from having to chase you first.

And while one scientist didn’t do it on purpose, that’s the way it almost went down. As was revealed in an Instagram video.

Ocean Ramsey, 35, of Hawaii, started to make her way off the boat in scuba gear. But when she leaned forward, she quickly caught wind of something under the water — namely, the shark. It rose quickly and opened its mouth, seemingly inviting Ramsey to hop right on in.

She wisely leaned back instead.

A Scary Moment For All!

“Moments after the video I shared in my last post I saw a shark bumping some floating plastic so I rushed in and this was my greeting,” she shared in another post.

Despite all this, Ramsey kept cool, making it seem as if she enjoyed the encounter with the tiger shark, who she called “Queen Nikki.”

“I always love seeing their white belly coming up from the depths and in this case it’s what gave her position away,” Ramsey wrote. “She was actually easier to spot coming up vertical compared to the others already near the surface.”

She added that the shark wasn’t actually trying to attack her, but just doing a little hop. But hey, sharks get a bad rap, she wrote.

“There’s not a lot of sympathy for sharks because of the way they’re portrayed in media and they don’t have the cute cuddly appearance,” she wrote. “You can’t hate them for being predators. We need them for healthy marine ecosystems.”

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