Woman Shocked After Finding Deadly 6-Foot Snake While Changing Her Sheets

There are a few things you never want to find when changing the sheets, but a deadly six-foot snake is probably near the top of the list.

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Still, that’s what one Australian woman stumbled upon when making her bed. And suddenly, a fairly mundane household chore became way more adventurous than she had hoped.

So the woman did the most logical thing — she got the heck out of there and called someone who catches snakes for a living. In the process, she put a towel underneath the door so the snake couldn’t escape.

For the record, the critter is what’s known as the Eastern Brown snake, and they are indeed deadly. Worse, they are often found in the most populated parts of the country. (For instance, this one was in Queensland.)

Yeah, Time to Move Out

Per the Australian Museum, Eastern Brown bites are generally painless. Yet they have “”the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from a snake bite than any other species of snake in Australia,” the Museum wrote.

They tend to eat frogs, other reptiles, birds and rodents. That should cover just about everything.

Anyway, as for this snake, the man charged with catching it found that it was in the same place the woman had left it and was “having a snooze,” the snake-catcher told Newsweek.

The catcher, Zachery Richards, added that it was a hot day, so the snake may have come inside looking for some cooler shelter. He posted a pic of it to his Facebook page, with a caption that read, “Check the bed carefully tonight!”

In Australia, that’s suddenly some sound advice.

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