You won’t believe the stuff that this fisherman found inside a dolphinfish

Warning: this article contains graphic content.

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This dolphinfish was a veritable vacuum when he was alive and roaming the sea. Now that the fish is dead, this video shows the extent to which he inhaled everything.

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Inside the fish’s intestinal tract, a fisherman finds detritus in the form of a comb, bits of plastic and even a lighter.

“The plastic does not melt and can block their intestinal tract, and then they cannot feed — preventing them from consuming food, and starving [them to death],” Erick Ross said, a Marine scientist, told the Daily Mail.

Sometimes, the fish “confuse plastic for food before eating it,” he said.

Meanwhile, at least one commenter on the video doubted its veracity.

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“I don’t believe a word of what they are saying,” says a commenter. “The way the guts have already been cut open, I think they put all that in before starting the film.”

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