Reese Witherspoon Says ‘Legally Blonde 3’ Needs Jennifer Coolidge

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Reese Witherspoon has proved that she is just like us, a big fan of Jennifer Coolidge. Yes, the actress has teased that the third Legally Blonde movie wouldn’t be possible without Coolidge’s involvement.  In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 46-year-old made a very clear message, saying “there is no Legally Blonde 3 without Jennifer Coolidge.”

“I’m beyond myself about Jennifer Coolidge,” Witherspoon stated. “She deserves every one of those flowers she is receiving right now.”

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Videos by Rare

“And she’s just one of those people who is so naturally gifted and funny and that you can just tell people love her. She gets up there and everybody’s like, ‘I love her,’ but she’s just done a lot of good work in our business for so long, that it’s really nice to see her getting this incredible moment,” she stated.

Reese Witherspoon on Jennifer Coolidge’s Renaissance and ‘Legally Blonde 3’

Coolidge’s involvement in the third Legally Blonde film has been teased for a few years now. It was first confirmed back in 2018 that they were actually filming the third part, with Mindy Kaling confirming she was co-writing the feature in 2020 alongside Dong Goor.

Back in 2021, Coolidge stated at the Emmys that she would ask Kaling “what’s happening with the Legally Blonde script” if she ever ran into her, joking at another event that she was worried she was being replaced in the sequel.

 Shortly after, during a joint interview with Witherspoon, she stated that she was “dying to know”  more about the third film. “Reese is the keeper of the keys. … I know so little of what’s happening with that, so I can’t wait to hear what Reese has to say today.”

Witherspoon went on to respond to Coolidge  saying that the movie will definitely include “ a lot of me and this lady”

“The movie is such a feminist movie too, at the time, about really that your life doesn’t have to be defined by your romantic relationships; it can be defined by your girlfriends, by your sense of self-worth, by your job, your education, your accomplishments,” she said. “So it’s interesting to visit characters 20 years later,” she added. “Mindy Kaling’s writing it. They’re in the process of it.”

Witherspoon first played Elle Woods back in 2021 in Legally Blonde, which was followed up with the sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde in 2003.

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