Reese Witherspoon Would Love To Play Judge Judy in Potential Biopic

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We are living in an age where actors and actresses are suggesting biopics, perhaps ad nauseam. But when Reese Witherspoon says there ought to be one on Judge Judy, well, it’s hard to argue.

Judge Judy Sheindlin is, after all, considered somewhat of an American treasure.

And guess who Witherspoon thinks should be in the starring role? That’s right, Witherspoon said she would love to do it herself.

“I love her book that’s called Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever. Classic book,” Witherspoon said, via E! News. “She just gives out great information and knowledge and she’s just one of those truly wise people that you want around.”

The Judge Judy courtroom series ended a wildly popular 25-year run last year. But the honorable judge can still be viewed in the Amazon Freevee series Judy Justice, now in its second season.

Witherspoon, 46, is actually friends with Judge Judy, the two taking part in lunch dates from time to time.

Why Judge Judy Wants Reese Witherspoon to Play Her in a Biopic

“She’s my girlfriend,” Witherspoon said. “I’m obsessed with her.”

Meanwhile, not surprisingly, Judge Judy has never seemed big on a movie being made about her life. But the idea of Witherspoon portraying her … well, seemingly makes her a little more interested.

“We’re friends, and she gets me,” Judy said, via E! News. “And I think she’s a great actress, and I think she could—if they did, which I would not like—I think that she could carry that off.”

Witherspoon was a bit more direct.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m in.”

A lot of biopics don’t need to be made. Like, Weird Al Yankovic, for example. But this one does. And if it is, Witherspoon would give it instant credibility, as an actress who could undoubtedly pull off such a role.

Sheindlin is a self-made star, for the most part. After the ending of The People’s Court, starring Judge Joseph Wapner, Sheindlin called Warner Bros., offering to fill in and do a show herself.

Hey, don’t judge. Clearly, it worked out for everyone.

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