Rob Schneider To Star in Daily Wire Kids Show About Homeschooling Chinchillas

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When it comes to conservative kids content, Rob Schneider and The Daily Wire can do it! But maybe not all night long, only so much screen time kids.

Yes on Thursday, Daily Wire God King Jeremy Boreing announced during a company town hall that actor and comedian Rob Schneider is set to star in the upcoming cartoon, “Chip Chilla.” About a homeschooling family headed up by patriarch Chum Chum Chilla, who will be voiced by Schneider.

Boreing said that “Chip Chilla” is entertainment first and foremost. It was written by entertainers and will be voiced by entertainers. Yes, people who cut their teeth at places like Disney and Pixar. It will be fun, not preachy, and you definitely won’t have to worry about anyone subtly “adding queerness” into the content anywhere they can. This as one Disney producer was caught saying on video earlier this year.        

Like The Daily Wire, Schneider recently moved out of California. The place where show business originally blossomed into the cultural behemoth it is now. He said the golden state was trampling on individual liberties and drifting towards authoritarianism. He was moving to Arizona and would vote for biting Republican Kari Lake. Who appears to have just lost to super-meh Democrat Katie Hobbs after a week-long vote count and all manner of interest conflicts.

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“Chip Chilla” isn’t the only children’s programming coming from Daily Wire. Also in queue is “The Zoodles Show,” about a fun-loving puppet monster who doesn’t take direction well. As well as “A Wonderful Day with Mable Maclay,” about a place where smartphones are gone and joy and wonder rule the day.  

Boreing said with conviction that they want to create an entire world where “kids can live, learn, and play, without anyone trying to rob them of the values their parents have spent so much time trying to instill in them.”      

All of this comes as the conservative counterculture continues to coalesce into something soon to be truly formidable. Where Greg Gutfeld’s late-night show on Fox News regularly outrates Stephen Colbert’s show on CBS. Where knowingly alpha-masculine scripted television like “Terminal List” and “Yellowstone” are mega-smash hits. As well as pretentious HBO shows like “The White Lotus that take swipes at woke youth culture.               

Over the summer Schneider said that he didn’t care about his career when it came to being in conflict with his values. He was “absolutely” willing to lose everything – but it appears in taking a stand he may end up gaining much.  

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