Savannah Guthrie Is Being Roasted Online for ‘Fake Chugging’ a Beer on Live TV

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Savannah Guthrie may have just punk’d the world on live TV and now she’s being roasted online. While hosting Ashton Kutcher on The Today Show on Friday, Guthrie allegedly chugged a pint of beer with the actor. But on closer inspection, it appears that she may have faked the whole thing.

Ashton Kutcher and Savannah Guthrie Chugged “Beers” Before 9am on Live TV

Ashton Kutcher was on The Today Show to promote his attendance at The New York City Marathon on Sunday. He was participating in the run to raise awareness for online child sex trafficking. He and his ex-wife, Demi Moore, founded an organization called Thorn in 2012 to combat online child sex trafficking. Kutcher has been a big advocate for the cause over the past decade.

On the segment, Carson Daly brings over two pints of beer. He hands them to Kutcher and Guthrie.

“You get that last .2 miles right there,” said Daly, as he and Guthrie explained that they were loading Kutcher up with pregame carbs.

Kutcher then goads Guthrie to chug the whole thing with him, to her chagrin. But she agrees, and then we watch the pair chug their beers. Or perhaps we should say “beers.”

At first glance, it seems like Guthrie chugs the “beer” like a champ. She’s not as quick as Kutcher, but she slugs the drink down. It wasn’t quite a Megan Lucky chug, either, but everyone was impressed because Guthrie is a slim woman on live TV. Presumably, if she’s like most television personalities of her size and age range, she watches her carbs.

Not everyone was willing to accept the moment, though. The video was quickly analyzed. The two “beers” were clearly different colors and consistencies, which is weird. It just seems more normal for two people to share the same beer, unless they are both beer aficionados, and really need their one special beer. That could have been possible, however, there’s more.

Beer Is a Science got real sleuthy with it, referring to the segment as “Beergate.”

“Foolishly, I watched the video and was immediately impressed,” wrote David Hookstead. “I guess I’m a simpleton. However, an OutKick teammate pointed out there are some issues.

“Number one, why is there no foam at the top of Guthrie’s drink? You can see Kutcher’s drink clearly has foam. Her drink very clearly does not.

“Below, you can see them side by side. Is there a slight bit of foam on her drink? Impossible to tell. It’s clear as day on his.”

The next red flag was a lack of rising carbonation in Guthrie’s drink compared to Kutcher’s.

And then there was an obvious lack of residue on the side of the glass. That residue is also known as lacing. Lacing occurs from the interaction of Lipid Transfer Protein 1 (LTP1) and carbon dioxide, among other things. According to Sound Brewery, a slower chug will result in more lacing. But Guthrie’s chug was slower than Kutcher’s, and he had much more lacing on his cup. She had none whatsoever.

It was pointed out by Outkick that perhaps Guthrie could have been drinking an IPA, but IPAs still have some head as well as lacing.

Was her beer completely flat and perhaps stored incorrectly? Was it poured at a snail pace and then allowed to sit for an hour or so before she drank it? It likely would have still had lacing. And also, that’s gross and seems unlikely.

People Think Guthrie Drank Fake Beer

Viewers had some words to say about the moment as well.

“Her beer looks flat,” wrote one person.

“That’s what I thought too. Looks like Apple juice…” wrote another.

“Yeh. No foam and no foam residue on the glass like Ashton’s. Didn’t even look the same color,” wrote a third.

“That looks like iced tea or apple juice,” someone said.

Another person took the conspiracy a step further.

“Pretty sure that’s probably water with the perfect mix of food coloring or unsweet tea. What happened to her top lip, where the hell did it go?”

“That is definitely not a beer,” wrote a Twitter user. “No head, no lacing and you can see hers is much more translucent than his.”

“10 bucks says that wasn’t a beer,” wrote another.

Savannah Guthrie Insists She Really Chugged a Beer

Far and wide, disbelievers made such an impression that Savannah Guthrie actually spoke out about the chug. On Monday, she responded to the public’s concern.

“It was a real beer!” Guthrie insisted, adding, “Some people are like, ‘That wasn’t beer.’ It was beer.”

Other hosts joined in, with one insisting that Carson Daly wouldn’t bring fake beer out.

“It was real,” said Dylan Dreyer. Hoda Kotb also said, “It was real beer!”

Thou dost protest too much, perhaps?

We want to know what you think!

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