The Importance of Social Distancing Explained by Your Favorite TV Shows

Listen up people, the time has come. It is now more crucial than ever to make sure you stay at home in order to avoid or to contact anyone with the coronavirus. I know, I confess, this absolutely sucks. As someone who needs to have an office around her, working from home is a struggle for me. But hey, I’m not going to risk myself or others for being selfish. And you shouldn’t either.

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In case you didn’t know, everyone around the world is recommended to stay inside to avoid spreading the disease. Why, because it’s easily spread with just one touch. Take for example the scene from the wonderful sitcom Scrubs, which stars the talented Zach Braff. The clip, which has now gone viral on social media, shows the importance of social distancing and human contact during the Coronavirus.

With so many more people avoiding these recommendations and not staying in the comfort of their own homes, the scene shows why it’s important to always take precautions. During the season 5 episode, My Cabbage, it shows an example of why quarantine is so vital to Public Health whenever any contagious disease is on the loose.

The Scrub clip shows a mom holding a tissue over her child’s nose, with germs spreading from his snotty nose to her hand. It pens out to Dr. Kelso telling the janitor to watch as the germs begin to get passed on. The mother is then shown wearing a green glove (which are the germs) then jumps from the mother’s hand to the doctor when she shakes his hand before he passes it over to nurse, who then passes it on by touching a shoulder. Suddenly, the disease has reached an elderly woman, who then touches her face and is all covered in germs from her neck up.

So yes, see how easily one can contact any type of disease just by a single touch or a simple sneeze? It’s crazy, but I promise it is true. According to a report from the World Health Organization, who have now declared COVID-19 a pandemic, they are deeply concerned by the levels of spread and severity of the situation. They stated, “Who has been assessing this outbreak around the clock and we are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction. We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.”

They also noted that pandemic is not a word that one should use lightly or carelessly. Rather it’s a word that can cause reasonable fear and unjustified acceptance that the fight is over, which leads to death and suffering which can easily be avoided. Currently, there have been more than 171,1115 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across 114 countries worldwide and there have been a total of 6685 deaths.

In case you’re still skeptical about this whole thing, I’ll leave you one of my favorite clips from my favorite TV show, The Office. Do yourself a favor and listen to Pam Beesly talking about how diseases spread with a simple touch and why hand sanitizer is our best friend. She knows it all.

Also, just stay home, work during the day, enjoy the night watching Netflix, and take your vitamins. We got this.

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