OJ Simpson Reacts to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trial


In the heat of the Gwyneth Paltrow ski accident trial, ex-football star and infamous murder suspect OJ Simpson decided to share his two cents on the matter on Twitter. Paltrow is currently being sued by Terry Sanderson, who claims the actress and businesswoman was skiing erratically and crashed into him, leaving him with a brain injury.

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In Simpson’s video, which has garnered 78.7k views since it was posted on March 29, the former NFL running back said, “Deer Valley is a classy place. I never went back, mainly because I thought [the runs] were real narrow, certainly far narrower than most of the places that I went skiing. But accidents happen skiing, I don’t know how you could try to sue anybody for crashes on a ski slope. You see it all the time.”

OJ Simpson Loves to Share His Opinion

In the video, Simpson also reveals that he was actually involved in an accident that occurred at Deer Valley. Simpson revealed, “I had started skiing with a number of downhill racers, so I was totally into speed. So I’m flying down this run, and at the last minute, this lady is kinda turning from my left and she comes all the way across, and we crash.”

Simpson reveals that while the two were uninjured and “congenial” after the crash, he crashed into the same woman again later on during his day of skiing. Simpson said that after the second crash, choice words were had between the two. Simpson seemed to have shared this anecdote to show that he sympathizes with Paltrow.

Many Twitter users rushed to comment on Simpson’s video, mainly to joke at his expense. Twitter user @AimeeTruchan tweeted, “Legal expert Juice Simpson enters the Gwyneth Paltrow chat,” while Twitter user @EvenGooderDawg reposted the video and wrote “OJ. Always on the cutting edge …”

Simpson has been very vocal about current events as of late, especially court cases. Simpson recently shared a similar video on his thoughts regarding the Alex Murdaugh murder trial. In 1995, Simpson was found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Many members of the public disagreed with the verdict, believing that Simpson was in fact guilty.

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