Sigourney Weaver Says She Doesn’t Plan on Retiring: ‘I’m Fine’

In fact, Weaver says she is enjoying acting now more than ever before.

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Videos by Rare

Is Sigourney Weaver immortal? It’s a question that seems to pop up every time the enduring actor appears onscreen — especially in cameo roles.

Whatever the case, the 72-year-old isn’t planning to retire. In fact, she appears to have more projects on her plate than ever before.

Sigourney Weaver told fellow actor Elizabeth Banks in a conversation for Interview magazine that audiences will see her featured in five productions in the near future. The magazine published the conversation between Weaver and Banks on its website on Tuesday.

One of Weaver’s upcoming films, Call Jane, is a comedy-drama that stars both Weaver and Banks. Due October 28, it revolves around a housewife who joins the Jane Collective, a women’s-rights group, in the 1960s.

Sigourney Weaver imparted to Elizabeth Banks that she is enjoying acting more than ever before in her career.

“I’m fine that I might be the oldest person on the set,” she said matter-of-factly. “Yes, I always have to go through a period of, ‘Oh my god, it’s happening again.’ … But then, I get the joy and the explosion of letting this person out to live. And it’s the most exhilarating thing in the world.”

Sigourney Weaver’s Full Slate

The highest-profile films on Sigourney Weaver’s agenda are James Cameron’s two sequels to Avatar, the highest-grossing film of all time. She will reprise her Kiri character in Avatar: The Way of Water and Avatar 3, both of which are in post-production.

Weaver and increasingly cranky Cameron will probably let out a sigh of relief when the long-delayed and prohibitively expensive Avatar films finally see the light of day.

Meanwhile, Sigourney Weaver is currently filming a crime thriller, Master Gardener, Joel Edgerton. Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, is the writer and director behind the new indie flick. It is set to debut at the Venice International Film Festival on September 3.

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